Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us:

As Australian qualified and registered migration agents,we work under a code of conduct developed by the Australian Government (OMARA). This ensures that you receive the most accurate and reliable professional migration consultation and visa service with in the professional and ethical standards prescribed by the Australian Government. Under OMARA regulations only a Registered Migration Agent can provide ‘Immigration Assistance ’. It is a criminal offence to provide “immigration assistance” if you are not a registered Migration Agent.

We are partners with several other businesses and agencies which can assist you during the visa process, your travel to Australia and after you have reached Australia. These include Universities and other education providers, travel agents, Health Insurance providers, Money transfer agencies, Accommodation and job Search, Australian Travel Discount etc. You will receive all services you need under one umbrella to reduce the workload for you.

We understand that waiting for a visa decision can sometimes be very frustrating. We keep you updated with timely emails or phone calls on the updates on your visa application progress and to request any further information if required. We also follow up with the Immigration department time to time if required to avoid any unnecessary delays.

We understand that the first few month of living abroad can be very challenging, and we are here to make this transition a little easier. After you have reached Australia, we will not let you feel like you are on your own. Our office in Australia will continue to assist to organise airport pick up, find accommodation, help you find a job, open a bank account and help you settle in your new home.

We will stay in touch with you to assist you with your future visa needs. Such as people travelling on student visas often find themselves in need of applying for an extension on their visa, a new student visa or a skilled visa after they have completed their studies. Because we are aware of your migration and visa history, you can have the peace of mind and comfort that you will continue to receive the best visa service in accordance with your needs.
If you have been unable to obtain the visa that you were after, that’s not the end of the road. We will continue to guide you before and after applying for a visa application on how to improve your prospects of getting an approval. Every individual’s situation varies based on their circumstances, preferences and eligibility, and we provide you the most accurate personalised advice in accordance with your needs.