Connecting Business And Skilled Workers

Skills shortages can be a cause of many issues within a businesses, such as reduced income, decreased productivity, lost commercial opportunities and overworked staff , all of which can have a detrimental impact on business operations. International recruitment through Australia’s skilled migration programme can be a very effective method of addressing skill shortages. Employer-sponsored visa types – such as the 482 or Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) program are often a perfect solution for businesses seeking skilled workers that are unable to be sourced locally.

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Things to Consider

Many key factors are overlooked by employers and visa applicants when recruiting internationally, which can ultimately lead to the breakdown of a successful employer/employee relationship.Be sure to find out why someone is looking to migrate or seeking employment with you in Australia,such as whether they are looking to improve work-life balance, job security, or employment conditions? Or are they seeking a promotion, greater career advancement opportunities, or higher wages? These are all very important questions when looking to recruit an international worker. It is also important to remember that it’s not just about a person’s capabilities on paper that is important to a successfully filled role;

you must also look for certain personal attributes and the correct geographical and cultural fit. Factors such as the location of the applicant compared with the actual place of residence or employment in Australia is critical. You should also be careful not to offer employment to someone until you are certain that they will satisfy the relevant eligibility guidelines set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The immigration process is very important, but is often the most overlooked component of international recruitment. It is important to ensure that you are aware of all criteria and sponsorship obligations that need to be met by the employer and all visa requirements that need to be satisfied by visa applicants.

How AUS ME can assist

  • Meeting to identify specific requirements and operational timeframes,
  • Assessment of a candidates skills, qualifications and work experience,
  • Assessment of a candidates ability to meet immigration requirements,
  • Provide guidance on character and medical checks,
  • Undertake or assist with profiling candidates,
  • First interview (phone screening)
  • Assessment of a candidates ability to meet skill assessment guidelines in Australia (depending on occupational requirements)
  • Second interview (face to face recommended)
  • Formal selection of candidate and job offer made,
  • Assistance and guidance with employment contracts,
  • Commencing work on 482 visa application,
  • Relocation of employee to Australia,
  • Submit any mandatory skill assessment,
  • Assistance with any relevant training programs required upon arrival in Australia,
  • Application assistance with any mandatory licencing requirements,
  • 3 month follow up with new employees.
  • As part of our assistance with this process we will discuss operational risks associated with international recruitment and assist in the development of a risk mitigation and employee retention strategy. We are also able to develop a corporate governance model to ensure that employers are aware of and remain compliant with all sponsorship obligations, and work closely with businesses to develop integration programs. Integration programs involve work place orientation, engagement, communication, revision of work place practices and identifying and managing expectations.
    Migration Solutions has assisted many businesses and visa applicants with this process.
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